Saturday, April 3, 2010

99 Days (2008)

99 Days

8 episodes; 13-23 minutes each

Zeon Chang as Chris/Lok (20 years old)
Bosco Jiu as Tom/Chun (16 years old)
Tommy Wong as Don (16 years old)
North Chalk as Mike (28 years old)
King Wong as Jerry (16 years old)
Philip To as Will (19 years old)
Berry Lee as Ben (33 years old)
Lilian Ng as Dora (25 years old)

HongKong Aids Foundation

On 1 December the World Aids Day, while Ben was leading voluntary workers to distribute red ribbons, Mike thought it is a good chance to get along with handsome guys. He met the agreeable Chris and even molested him; Don was hurt in a fight when he came out as a gay, making Tom hid his sexual attitude in a darker shade; Mike called for a repair for his broked tap, then to his surprise, the plumber was …?

This is the stories of a bunch of gays who are all related to each other, one way or another, with or without their awareness.

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Episode 1

Episode 2 Part 1

Episode 2 Part 2

Episode 3 Part 1

Episode 3 Part 2

Episode 4 Part 1

Episode 4 Part 2

Episode 5 Part 1

Episode 5 Part 2

Episode 6 Part 1

Episode 6 Part 2

Episode 6 Part 3

Episode 7 Part 1

Episode 7 Part 2

Episode 8 Part 1

Episode 8 Part 2

Episode 8 Part 3


  1. man! thank you such much to upload!

    I reaaly like this movie ^^v

  2. This was without a doubt one of the best gay series I have ever seen. The actors were so cute, the different themes was very effective in portraying current homosexual issues and taught us very important messages relating to gay life, it had a good balance of humour and it was just so so so romantic. Loved it! Definitely recommend this to everyone finding a good gay movie to watch! 5/5