Saturday, February 6, 2010

Men and Women (1999)

Release Date: August 12, 1999

Language: Mandarin

Director: Liu Bingjian

Main Cast: Yu Bo, Qing Yang

Summary: Banned in China for its open portrayal of homosexuality, Bingjian Liu's MEN AND WOMEN is a comedy of sexual awakenings and blurred gender identity. When country boy Xiao Bo leaves his rural village and moves to Beijing, he finds both employment and living quarters with shopkeeper Mrs. Qing, whose kindness extends so far as to matchmake her new tenant with her best friend Meng. But after a few dates Meng begins to suspect Xiao Bo is gay, prompting a series of unexpected revelations from both Mrs. Qing and her husband Kang.

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  1. Does this site offer download links, and subtitles?

  2. This blog is a directory for asian gay themed movies. We offer links to streaming videos and downloads for movies that we can find online, but we do not upload or host any files. As of now we cannot find the movie "Men and Women" available online but you can purchase it with English subtitles at the link above.

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  4. See more movies here: & Share with many people