Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Masseur (2005)

Release Date: October 19, 2005

Language: Tagalog

Director: Brillante Mendoza

Main Cast: Coco Martin, Allan Paule

Summary: Iliac is a young guy who has moved from the country side to Manila, and is now working in a gay massage house in Manila in order to earn a living. His job as a masseur includes catering to the whims of his clients, which often include sexual favours. The movie introduces us to the seedy world of gay massage parlours, where we see the masseurs servicing their clients in adjacent cubicles. In the movie, Iliac meets Alfredo, a romance novelist who is his first customer of that evening. Over the massage, they each share a little of their stories and we soon find out that Iliac must return home to prepare for his father’s funeral, who has died after a long illness. As the movie progresses, we find our love lorn protagonist trying to win the affection of Alfredo.

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  1. where the download links????

  2. You have to watch Serbis, too. Another brilliant performance by Coco Martin.