Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Am Not What You Want (2001)

Release Date: 2001

Language: Cantonese

Director: Wing Kit Hung

Main Cast: Chet Lam, Nicky Hung

Summary: This movie is about a gay university students Ricky and Mark. Against the advice of a friend, Ricky comes out to his family about his sexuality. After being rejected by his parents, Ricky moves in with his friend Mark. Mark currently has a long time girlfriend Mabel who feels quite uncomfortable that Ricky is staying in his house, as she knows about his sexuality. Living under the same roof, Ricky and Mark become closer together. Unknown to Ricky, Mark is actually gay too, but has not come out to anyone yet. Mark tells Ricky about his feelings one night, and they get together. But will it lead to a heart break with his girl friend still in the picture?

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  1. There is no password.

  2. not bad just wish the ending gave more clarity

  3. story was simple and sweet.
    ending was open ended but it gives you freedom to think on what happens after. the sexuality of the roommate isn't explicitly clear as well as their relationship, one might think they still could be just friends. the film actually does not go much beyond what the summary says.

  4. You can get the English subbed video from: