Friday, January 29, 2010

Right By Me/Rainbow Boys (2005)

Release Date: November 24, 2005

Language: Thai

Director: Thanyatorn Siwanukrow

Main Cast: Jackie, Palat Ananwattanasiri, Pimpong Isarasena na Ayudhya

Summary: “Rainbow Boys” is a Thai movie that is based on the series of novels by Mexican-American writer Alex Sanchez. The story revolves around Tat and Nat who are best friends, university students and gay. Nat is effeminate, flamboyant and out. Tat on the other hand, is still closeted to his family and friends. In comes a popular jock, Ek whom Tat develops a crush on. Tat ends up tutoring Ek and finds that he is a nice guy. Meanwhile, Ek is confused about his sexuality as he starts to lose interest in his beautiful girlfriend. Meanwhile the romantic relationship between Tat and Ek develops and the three boys soon find themselves in an awkward triangle.

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