Thursday, January 28, 2010

No Regret (2006)

Release Date: November 16, 2006

Language: Korean

Director: Lee Song-Hee-il

Main Cast: Lee Yeong Hoon, Kim Nam-gil

Summary: Turning 18 years of age, Su Min leaves his orphanage and moves to Seoul, working various jobs to save up money for university. After losing his job at the factory, Su Min ends up working as a male escort at a gay bar. Already close to hitting rock bottom, Su Min's life gets both more chaotic and more meaningful when Jae Min walks into his life. Coming from a wealthy, conservative background, Jae Min keeps his sexual orientation hidden from his family. Although he is already engaged, Jae Min is willing to give up everything to be with Su Min, and the two fall into a passionate relationship. But when the realities of life catch up, love may not be enough.

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