Thursday, January 28, 2010

Boys Love The Movie (2007)

Release Date: September 1, 2007

Language: Japanese

Director: Kotaro Terauchi

Main Cast: Yoshikazu Kotani, Atsumi Kanno

Summary: Kairu Aoi teaches at a prestigious boarding school. One day, after a falling out with his girlfriend, he meets a young guy who provides him comfort and consolation during his time of need. Soon after that, a new student, Sora, transfers into his class, and is the same boy he had encountered before. Kairu tries to put the past behind him and keep their relationship a secret, but Sora is not about to let go easily. Kairu tries to keep Sora away from him but they eventually become a couple.

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  1. how many names does this movie have? is it boy's love, boys love the movie or school boy crush??

  2. well i didn't like trailer and i have it long time in my pc but i'm really didn't want to watch, but one evening i watched it and in the end i have tears in my eyes, i am not a fan of gay movie, but this is esthetic and heartache story (first part is good too)